Celebrate My Drive® is designed to rally teens, high schools and entire communities across the U.S. to support new drivers and work together to prevent teen crashes, reduce injuries and save lives. State Farm® encourages teens and their communities to amplify safe driving conversations, including Drive 2N2® messages.

The Drive 2N2 movement is designed to improve roadway safety for everyone: 2 eyes on the road and 2 hands on the wheel. Every driver has the power and responsibility to be in control and stay safe behind the wheel or as a passenger.

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Does your chapter want to win $2,500? Each year, SADD partners with The National Road Safety Foundation to develop a #drivingskills101 PSA Competition for chapters across the nation. This year's contest is called Follow our Lead and aims to address the dangers of tailgating.

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SADD’s strength lies in numbers. To demonstrate our impact, SADD National—with the help of our network— is proud to present SADD STRONG, a collection of THREE select programs that target SADD’s three core issue areas.

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